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About Us

About Us


Welcome to Kizuna Japanese Academy

Embark on a transformative journey at Kizuna Japanese Academy, where learning Japanese transcends traditional language instruction. Our academy is a vibrant hub where culture and communication converge, offering courses that intricately weave linguistic proficiency with cultural immersion. Guided by our passionate instructors, you’ll delve into both the ancient traditions and contemporary aspects of Japan. Our supportive community nurtures every student’s growth, fostering connections that extend beyond the classroom. Whether you’re a beginner or advancing your skills, Kizuna Japanese Academy is your gateway to a deeper understanding of Japan. Join us and unlock the wonders of the Japanese language and culture.

Meet Our Founder

Manya Suri

Certified Japanese Language Tutor

Pursued TTC (Teacher Training Course) B and C from Ministry Of External Affairs and Embassy Of Japan

Pursued Certificate and Diploma Course in Japanese Language from St.Stephen’s College, Delhi University.

Have Tie-Up with 3 Reputed Language Companies.

Participated in the “Japanese Speech Contest” during Ohayou Japan Festival organised by St.Stephen’s College, Delhi University.

Having years of Experience in Teaching Japanese to all age group students.

Our Vision and Mission


As a leading institution for Japanese language education, Kizuna Japanese Academy is dedicated to fostering a deep appreciation for the language and culture of Japan among students from all over the world. We believe that learning a language goes beyond textbooks and classrooms – it’s an exploration of culture, history, and personal growth.


Our vision is to provide high-quality Japanese language education to students of all levels. We strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages the growth and development of our students. Whether you are a beginner or looking to advance your skills, our academy is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Our Team

Team Members

Rohan prajapati

Marketing Head

Meet Our Marketing Head - Rohan Prajapati
Introducing Rohan Prajapati, our dynamic Marketing Head at Kizuna Japanese Academy. As the go-to person for study resources and valuable feedback, he ensures an inclusive educational experience for all students. Whether you're looking to join our team or share your insights, Rohan Prajapati is your direct contact for a seamless connection with Kizuna Japanese Academy. Welcome him—your key to enhancing your educational journey with us!

Aman Aneja

Sales head

Meet Our Sales Head - Aman Aneja
Introducing Aman Aneja, our Sales Head at Kizuna Japanese Academy, specializing in financial operations. With a focus on student fees, he strategically shapes financial structures and implements innovative strategies for optimal financial management. For any inquiries related to student fees, financial planning, or structural insights, Aman Aneja is your go-to expert. Join us in welcoming him, the architect of financial success at Kizuna Japanese Academy.

Our Vision and Mission

What We Offer

Live Sessions

Certified Trainers/Tutors

Daily Worksheets and Tests

Access to Books in Softcopy

Recorded Sessions for Flexible Learning

Speaking and Listening Practice

Preparation for International Exams

24/7 Teacher Assistance

Course Completion Certificate

Our Students


Ujwal .

The lesson has been easier even though it is taking me more time then normal people would but the way you teach has been a delight you do so much patience clearing out queries even when I just see the recordings I do not have a hard time learning thanks to the way you teach much appreciated

Deepak .

Hi Kizuna Japanese academy without you it was simply impossible for me to learn Japanese constant innovation to make language learning process easy for students like me is highly appreciable your teaching methodology is so unique that it is difficult to forget what you teach I wish all the very best to your career and please keep continue doing good work for betterment of students

Romeo .

I am currently studying Japanese language from Manya sensei. She is great teacher she teach us so clearly with the Japanese culture knowledge and she teach everything with a real world example studying under her just fasted my learning thank you sensei

Sandeep .

I like the way of teaching the friendly atmosphere and that the courses are affordable and I can choose most convenient time for me the teacher is very kind and always clear all the doubts in the end of every class and the course is organised and very well structured I am glad I have found small class and good teacher

Ankita Gupta .

I am Ankita Gupta a Japanese language learner and I have recently given my Jlpt N5 level examination in December 2022 and yes I successfully clear it scoring % rank all the credit goes to Manya sensei who was my teacher during the excellence and Idyllic explanation the concept became crystal clear and I really do appreciate her hard work thank you for everything Manya sensei


Our Certificates

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