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JLPT N4 Course

JLPT N4 Course

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JLPT N4 Course

Welcome to our JLPT N4 Course! This level builds on basic skills, focusing on intermediate grammar, essential vocabulary, Kanji and Kana proficiency, and improving listening and reading comprehension for everyday use.


JLPT N4 Course

By Our Expert Trainers

What You Will Learn

Basic to Intermediate Grammar: Focus on expanding basic grammar knowledge to include intermediate structures, enabling more complex sentence construction.

Essential Vocabulary: Learn essential vocabulary that is commonly used in everyday life, including phrases useful in various daily scenarios.

Kanji and Kana Proficiency: Improve proficiency in both Kanji and Kana (Hiragana and Katakana), covering characters and combinations frequently used in daily life.

Basic Listening and Reading Comprehension: Develop skills to understand and comprehend basic Japanese used in everyday conversation, as well as in simple written texts like emails or advertisements.

6 Months


Suitable Timings

Weekdays & Weekend Classes

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3 days /week

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Certification After Completetion

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Talk To Our Counseller

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What We Offer

Live Sessions

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Daily Worksheets and Tests

Access to Books in Softcopy

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Speaking and Listening Practice

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Course Completion Certificate

Get Certified

Once you complete the course videos assignments and quizzes you will be able to generate the certificate.

Get Certified

Once you complete the course videos assignments and quizzes you will be able to generate the certificate.

Our Students


Ujwal .

The lesson has been easier even though it is taking me more time then normal people would but the way you teach has been a delight you do so much patience clearing out queries even when I just see the recordings I do not have a hard time learning thanks to the way you teach much appreciated

Deepak .

Hi Krishna Japanese academy without you it was simply impossible for me to learn Japanese constant innovation to make language learning process easy for students like me is highly appreciable your teaching methodology is so unique that it is difficult to forget what you teach I wish all the very best to your career and please keep continue doing good work for betterment of students

Romeo .

I am currently studying Japanese language from Manya sensei. She is great teacher she teach us so clearly with the Japanese culture knowledge and she teach everything with a real world example studying under her just fasted my learning thank you sensei

Sandeep .

I like the way of teaching the friendly atmosphere and that the courses are affordable and I can choose most convenient time for me the teacher is very kind and always clear all the doubts in the end of every class and the course is organised and very well structured I am glad I have found small class and good teacher

Ankita Gupta .

I am Ankita Gupta a Japanese language learner and I have recently given my Jlpt N5 level examination in December 2022 and yes I successfully clear it scoring % rank all the credit goes to Manya sensei who was my teacher during the excellence and Idyllic explanation the concept became crystal clear and I really do appreciate her hard work thank you for everything Manya sensei

Still Confused?

Get Connected to our experts and know what’s best for you. Achieve your dreams!

Still Confused?

Get Connected to our experts and know what’s best for you. Achieve your dreams!

General Question

Frequently Asked Questions

The N4 level is the second level in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) series, focusing on basic to intermediate Japanese language skills.

This course is ideal for learners who have completed the N5 level or have a basic understanding of Japanese and want to advance their skills to an intermediate level.

The N4 course covers intermediate grammar topics, including more complex sentence structures, verb forms, and the usage of particles.

You'll learn essential vocabulary for everyday situations, including words and phrases commonly used in daily life and basic professional settings.

Yes, the course includes learning a set of Kanji characters essential for basic reading and writing in Japanese, along with continued practice in Hiragana and Katakana.

The course focuses on enhancing your ability to understand spoken Japanese in common scenarios and to read and comprehend simple texts and dialogues.

Passing the N4 level demonstrates a foundational understanding of Japanese, which is beneficial for travel, cultural understanding, and foundational communication in personal and some professional settings.


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